Improving myself consistently and sustainably is my goal — this means constantly learning and building supports for when lessons learned are tested.  I am a former student at the University of California, Irvine(ZOT, ZOT!).  Currently, it appears everything is gray, one can never be certain, but life and our results are up to us.  Given the lack of clarity and certainty, I advise myself to 1) be methodical, strategic, and highly defined in my practices and thoughts (with ever-present goal of improvement), 2) delve deeply into each topic, 3) know my margin of error, and 4) confidently tread forward – knowing I will be making mistakes and learning. 

I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in the Biological Sciences.  I formerly had a passion and interest in nearly everything, now my mind is set on certain goals (i.e., improving health / medical care).  After losing my desire to focus my mind on anything but illness and becoming desensitized to death and illness, I am recapturing my love and passion for people, art, and having fun.  No matter the subject, I am teaching myself to treat it as an art and approach it with a scientific, analytic, and objective sense. I am at a few transitions in my life, that you might like to know — going from:

  1. Purely intellectual, logical, and knowledge-hungry (in mindset) to one striving to understand but also translate this knowledge into strategic, efficient, organized, results-oriented, and impactful decisions and actions
  2. Loving and caring about everything to being desensitized and somewhat rebellious to everything (death, hunger, everything engraved in us by nature) to caring again
  3. An abstract observer of society, and the universe, to a more active player


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